Campus Facilities :
A huge building with full furnished infrastructure.

Smart classroom AV Room Meditation room Music room Activity Room Science Lab
Indoor games Language Labs Maths lab Computer Lab


Wednesday Activity-
Every Wednesday each class represent skit or live presentation of different that students will be able to know Maharashtra culture.

Special Activity Computerized Election
School Election - Computerized school election was held in our school Students of STD IVth stood for the election. STD IIIrd& IVth students voted the candidate of their choice. Election was held in democratic way, Head Boy, Head Girls, Sports Minister, and Cultural Minister, Etc. were elected.

Acitivities in Assembly

Daily Today's thought and News is given by students .

For Concentration of students meditation in assembly

Pledge in six Different language In assembly

School will take care Of Dr.Moonje Residence By cleaning once in a month

Every SaturdayStudents will clean school premises andWill dump wastage in dumping ground

Wednesday activity on Culture in assembly .

Meditation in assembly

Jayanti & Punayathiti of our great leaders, information given by students.

curricular & co-curricular

The curricular & co-curricular activities have always been the hallmark of the school. While when academics are always the prime concern equal importance and dedication is given to te curricular areas of the school.

Sports, Music, Drama, Dance and various personality development skills are conducted and enforced throughout the year so as to ensure each student of WHIS has a complete growth and development. All this is conducted in school and through competition where the students are encouraged to participate at every level. The school has faculty with the upmost qualification and experience in their respective areas be it Music, Dance or sports.


Physical development is as important as mental and spiritual. Many intelligent and capable adults do not do well due to chronic ailments, laziness and an inability to work for long hours. A robust and a fit person is always more productive and achieves more.


English Marathon State Level Competitive Exam.
Merit holders with Gold Medal and Certificate
Maths Ignited Mind Lab exam.